Bulgari Teams Up With The Luxury Hive To Create Special Heritage Events Across The Middle East

Hayley Kadrou   |   24-04-2019

The luxury Italian retailer has formed a partnership with Dubai-based company The Luxury Hive with a mission to spread the knowledge about the brand’s rich heritage.

Although you might know the name Bulgari and might know a thing or two about the fashion house’s design style, you’re probably not as clued up as you should be when it comes to the history of the Italian brand.


Because having been born in Rome in 1884, the jewellery, watch and perfume creator has a hefty history behind it, led the way forward and pathed the bath for other designers coming up behind it over the years.


CREDIT: Instagram/bulgariofficial

CREDIT: Instagram/bulgariofficial


Which is why we’re excited at the prospect of learning more about Bulgari’s past and heritage in a series of talks and events across the UAE.


Because it has just been announced that Bulgari has selected to partner with The Luxury Hive, the Dubai-based consultancy firm.


The company will work with the Bulgari’s Brand Heritage Department to deliver tailored events and lectures on Bulgari’s heritage and iconic jewellery for select and high-end connoisseurs in the Middle East.


New and old fans of the brand will be able to visit exhibitions showcasing retrospectives and historic pieces.