Buccellati Announces The Spectacular Macri Bombé Mini Collection

Emma Hodgson   |   07-11-2023

The Italian luxury jewellery house Buccellati has unveiled the new ‘Macri Bombé’ mini-collection.

The original Marci Bombé collection arrived 40 years ago, inspired by the simple elegance of Gianmaria Buccellati’s daughter Maria Cristina (the name Macri is made up of the first syllables of her two names). Gianmaria tried to interpret his own feelings and followed their flow until he created extremely refined jewellery that was born deep in his heart.

The latest release is a  reinterpretation and evolution of this refined design with original lines and a slight curvature of the gold surface, which retains the ‘rigato’ engraving and the rhythmic presence of brilliant diamonds.

The fabulous mini-collection includes several bracelets, with band heights of 5mm or 8mm, in various combinations of gold, in the purest Buccellati tradition. 

Key colour codes in the new collections include yellow, pink and white gold.

The new pieces champion soft and light engravings, an iconic style and top-quality materials combine to make true Italian excellence recognisable.