Buccellati Reveals The Vintage Collection During Paris Fashion Week

Lindsay Judge   |   17-07-2022

This July, during Paris Fashion Week Italian jewellery Buccellati showcased a selection of never-seen-before pieces from its vintage collection dating as far back as the 1940s.


These treasured jewels were showcased at the jeweller’s rue Saint Honoré boutique as clients and guests came to discover part of the history of the brand and the Buccellati family.



The bold jewellery collections were carefully selected for their symbolic connection to the Maison and its evolution over the years. Pieces dated from as far back as the forties through to the nineties and each piece has a strong story surrounding it thanks to the incredible level of craftsmanship as well as the culture and customs of their time.


The vintage collection was curated as a result of a delicate operation, delving into the brand’s heritage and studying and researching more than 20,000 original drawings, 500 moulds and over 6,000 photographs over the last few years, to discover some of the forgotten treasures of the Maison.


Each piece featured in the collection is kept in its original case where possible, or a specially designed case, mirroring the design of that era. Each piece will also come with a certificate of guarantee, which will include an image of the actual product and a copy of its original design.


The Vintage collection pieces will be available for purchase at selected Buccellati boutiques around the world. Including Milan, Rome, Paris, London, New York and Los Angeles.