Cartier Explores Timeless Beauty And The Maison’s Heritage With Le Voyage Recommencé

Lindsay Judge   |   21-11-2023

Cartier’s Le Voyage Recommencé high jewellery collection is an open-minded, boundless quest for beauty.

Brought to life through the expert knowledge of the maison’s artisans and designers, the collection represents a new chapter, which allows them to journey into the heart of Cartier style as if for the very first time.

It offers a new perspective and new angles on the maison’s fundamentals, and the result is a collection of truly contemporary pieces that innately possess Cartier’s style and DNA.

The house explores lines of architecture and graphic shapes, featuring 80 pieces that combine the history and the future of the brand. “This collection is a great opportunity to delve into the essential themes of the Cartier style.

To explore them in greater depth, take a fresh look at them, nurtured by the spirit of the time. Approaching them with a contemporary eye to go further. A journey back to the heart of Cartier creation, an uninterrupted story being told over time.” Said Jacqueline Karachi, Director of High Jewellery Creation at Cartier.

The collection follows four key themes: Light Matters, Precious Geometry, Real Life and World Jewellery. Each is intensified by rich coloured stones and graphic shapes and eye-catching lines.

Stand-out pieces include the Sama necklace, the Ondule ring, the Girih necklace, the Voltea set and the Unda set, each with their own magical and unique appearance.