Damas Reinvents Its Iconic Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   12-04-2022

Sixteen years after it first debuted, Damas has reinvented its iconic Farfasha collection for Ramadan.


Comprising delicate butterfly designs with light floral creations these light and feminine pieces are perfect for spring.



Beyond the dreamy aesthetics and refreshed delicate designs, this collection also holds a nostalgic and sentimental value to many as it reminds them of the first Farfasha jewellery piece they ever wore.


Farfasha has always accompanied, women throughout their life journey enabling them to find the ideal piece to wear or gift their loved ones.



The latest collection features elegant designs inspired by nature with floral and butterfly motifs, brought to life by coloured gemstones including Tourmaline and Turquoise. The 18k gold collection features necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, bangles and long necklaces.


Now available at Damas Jewellery stores across the GCC and online. To view the full collection, visit www.damasjewellery.com