Dior’s New High Jewellery Collection Celebrates the House’s Couture Creations

Lindsay Judge   |   01-02-2023

The new Dior High Jewellery collection design by Victoire de Castellane continues to offer a new interpretation of lace, inspired by the House’s Haute Couture designs.


An ode to Christian Dior and the House’s savoir-faire, the Dearest Dior collection features seventy-seven exquisite creations that convey a multi-faceted femininity, both fragile and powerful, timeless and infinitely modern.



Each jewel expresses the desire of Dior Joaillerie’s Artistic Director to create jewellery that can be worn as close to the skin as possible, borrowing its finesse and lightness from lace.



The mounts of the necklaces, rings and bracelets are so airy they seem to disappear, leaving diamonds and rubies, pearls and tourmalines, and blue, pink or yellow sapphires to reveal their shimmering shades in complex compositions that evoke the intertwining of refined guipure. A feat that testifies to the excellence of Dior’s workshops, highlighted by the many techniques required to devise these precious pieces.



In a hypnotic play of shine and transparency, the lace is made of gold thanks to the conception of remarkably supple mesh sheets, the result of extensive research and development.


The lines and articulations have been carefully studied to adapt perfectly to the curves of the hand, wrist and neck, while the flat volume reproduces the delicacy of lace laid directly on the skin.



A goldsmith’s ribbon, enhanced by a series of stitched diamonds, scattered flowers, tassels and sequins, perpetuates the dialogue between jewellery and couture. Inspired by the Dior Galons models, motifs feature plant designs in homage to the founding couturier’s unconditional passion for nature.


Forging a link between tradition and innovation, earrings boldly play with asymmetry, necklaces become ultra-contemporary chokers and a ruby-set pendant is transformed into a brooch.



This is a captivating new chapter in the Masion’s jewellery story and a tribute to the exceptional savoir-faire of the Ateliers, where the Dior dream comes to life.