Discover Boucheron’s 2020 Timeless High Jewellery Collection, Celebrating the Icons of the House

Lindsay Judge   |   13-04-2020

Boucheron’s new Timeless High Jewellery collection, designed by Creative Director Claire Choisne, showcases three signature codes of the house. The Creative Director brings her personal vision to the classic styles of the Chevron, the Parfum ring and the Liseré – three key pieces that have made up the rich heritage of this house for over 160 years.




The first signature style of the collection features three key pieces set with diamonds in white gold. Designed around an original motif taken from the archives, the Vendôme collection was inspired by the Art Deco era which has been so important to the House’s DNA over the years. The collection of three pieces embodies energy and elegance with a sculptural necklace studded with brilliant-cut diamonds and baguette-cut diamonds.


Vendôme necklace paved with diamonds on white gold


This necklace is complemented by a bracelet that can be worn in many ways depending on the wearer’s mood, as well as white gold pendant earrings displaying the same motif and decorated with diamonds. “I love this motif that is both timeless and contemporary, classic and current, of great plastic beauty,” says Boucheron’s Creative Director.






The second part of this timeless collection is the Parfum Ring. This statement ring with its stunning blue cabochon stone has been revisited several times by the jeweller’s designers over the years.


Claire Choisne spoke of her love for this ring; “I love this ring; it is a wonderful gateway into the Maison’s world, if only for its blue cabochon which, in my opinion, is the Maison’s recognisable signature. Your gaze will be drawn to a stunning constellation of diamonds set under the body of the ring. Seen from the side, the cabochon appears to be floating; seen from above, its facet-less cut, which moderates refraction, reveals, like an inner light, the diffuse sparkle of the diamonds. It’s magic!” This edition of the ring is set with a 7.48-carat oval cabochon tanzanite, paved with diamonds and rock crystal in white gold. 





The third and final aspect of this collection is the Liseré set. These pieces pay tribute to the ties forged between Frédéric Boucheron and Russia. Inspired by Moscow itself Clair Choisne travelled to the Golden Ring area in winter and was astonished to see how everything was pristine white, covered with a blanket of snow. Amongst the white was a black line, that turned out to be the bark of a tree – and there she had the inspiration for this graphic collection. 


In this collection baguette-cut and emerald-cut diamonds are giving a graphic edge with a line of black lacquer that surrounds them and highlights their beauty (much like the black line of bark in the snow.) “For me, this edging is the essence of modernity,” says Claire Choisne. “Its graphic brilliance gives the jewellery a mystical appeal and real personality.”

Liseré bracelet paved with round and baguette diamonds, black lacquer, in white gold


The collection is made up from a bracelet in white gold, paved with diamonds, surrounded by black lacquer; pendant earrings featuring 2.11 and 2.12-carat emerald-cut diamonds in white gold and a ring with a 4.09-carat, emerald-cut diamond, paved with diamonds and surrounded by black lacquer. 



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