Dolce&Gabbana’s 2022 Alta Gioielleria collection Tells Stories and Legends of Sicily

Lindsay Judge   |   13-07-2022

Ahead of the Alta Moda show, Dolce&Gabbana presented this year’s Alta Gioielleria collection with a display of the latest jewels inside a spectacular location.


The area of Syracuse is made from limestone from the nearby quarries giving it its dazzling white appeal. The high jewellery creations were presented to guests in the Grotta dei Cordari (Ropemakers Grotto) which is one of the most picturesque locations in the region. Its high ceiling and vast open spaces are supported by tall pillars for a grand impression.



The surface of the rock has hints of pinks and green illuminating its surface, making it the perfect location to present this colourful collection of jewels.



The Alta Gioielleria collection reflects the grandeur of the region with regal designs and bold statement-making jewels.



Much like the ready-to-wear collections, the pieces were inspired by the history and the ancient legends of Sicily with opulent motifs such as roses and images of men and women from the past and present throughout. These motifs depict key moments from the history of the area and tell some of the most important tales from generations past.



The choice of stones is both bold and vibrant with colour being key throughout. The highlight piece, the Sicilia necklace features an impressive 100.10-carat yellow pear-shaped diamond.



The necklace is inspired by the myth of Princess Sicilia, who was exiled from her home to avoid death but landed on a deserted island inhabited by a beautiful young man. The yellow diamond represents the golden sands and lemon trees of that island, which is now known as Sicily.


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