Exploring Bulgari’s Exquisite Mediterranea High Jewellery Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   21-11-2023

Bulgari’s Mediterranea High Jewellery collection, which launched in Venice earlier this year, is an ode to the Mediterranean and the beauty of craftsmanship within the region.

Inspired by the arts, beauty, and excellence, beginning with the jeweller’s home, the eternal city of Rome is a constant source of creative inspiration for the brand. 

“This High Jewellery collection is a homage to Mediterranean beauty. Being in the Mediterranean region, all my senses are awakened; I see beauty everywhere. Architecture, nature, and people are an inspiring melting pot, where many different cultures and societies have mingled and enriched each other over centuries.” stated Lucia Silvestri Bulgari, Jewellery Creative Director.

Mediterranea is divided into three universes: The “Southern Radiance,” The “Roman Splendor,” and “East Meets West,” each of them referring to a specific constellation of symbols, atmospheres, and inspirations. A final universe is inspired by the snake, an iconic symbol of the brand thanks to its instantly recognisable Serpenti collections. A selection of pieces celebrate the 75th anniversary of this icon.