Maison FRED Unveils Key Peices For The New Season

Lindsay Judge   |   17-11-2023

This year, high jewellery Maison FRED is revealing new additions to its key collections as well as the opening of its latest Dubai boutique in the Mall of the Emirates.

With the Middle East anchored firmly in the brand’s heritage, it is no surprise that the French Maison is once again expanding its roots here. The new boutique features works by French artists with an elegant minimalist design. It invites visitors to discover the jeweller’s sun-filled world and take them on a journey to the French Riviera with blue hues and golden light. The new boutique showcases the brand’s latest collections. Find out more below:

Chance Infinite

The Chance Infinite collection welcomes the addition of the XL Lucky Medal an elegant oversized pendant featuring a double-bow motif inspired by the lemniscate – the universal symbol of infinity and eternity. 40mm in diameter, the medals are presented in pink gold with mother-of-pearl, carnelian and malachite. Two changeable sides show contrasting faces: on one is Chance Infinie’s double bow paved in and ringed by diamonds; on the other, the stone has been engraved with the mantra “Luck is on your side”.

Again, inspired by the lemniscate three new pieces of high jewellery with ultra-feminine appeal and elegance to the collection. A necklace, earrings and a ring in white or pink gold are all paved with brilliants and accentuated by a pear-shaped diamond. As the Maison’s changeable signature, this stone can be detached from the necklace and each earring thanks to a cleverly designed concealed safety clasp, enabling different ways of wearing.

Force 10 XL

The Force 10 bracelet has been a key icon of the brand’s collections for over 55 years, constantly being reinvented and updated to bring a fresh look with easy-to-wear pieces that combine jewellery and sportswear. The latest editions of this icon feature an extra-large-sized buckle supported by a cable of steel or gold, making it even more striking. The unisex bracelet is braided in the traditional manners of the collection, but this time the cable had to be enlarged to a diameter of 6 millimetres comprising around 1,900 individual wires and a security fastening was designed especially. Designed in white, yellow or pink gold and attached to a cable of steel or yellow or pink gold, the interchangeable Force 10 XL bracelet offers new wearing options and takes on its original two-tone, two-material signature as the wearer wishes.

The Force 10 collection also sees the launch of the new Color Crush collection with new tennis bracelets and multi-buckle bracelets in pink and white gold, paved with almost 350 fine and precious stones in rainbow colours. The new Color Crush buckles in pink or white gold are interchangeable and can be worn with cables with multicoloured braiding.

Pretty Woman

To celebrate the first anniversary of the Pretty Woman collection, the Maison has introduced six new heart necklaces with changeable stones. Presented in vivid colours, the reversible pieces have two contrasting sides, one white and the other black or green. The Pretty Woman heart has a distinctive clip that is neat and striking while also bearing two different faces, smooth pink gold on one side and pink gold paved with diamonds on the other. Positioned at the centre, the heart of these new necklaces is attached to a thin golden chain into which a smaller heart has been inserted, further adding to the piece’s feminine feel.