Messika Launches Its “Feel The Colour” Collection

Emma Hodgson   |   15-08-2023

Messika has released a new capsule featuring its most iconic signature designs. 

The pieces have been curated especially for the summer season, with each design mixing innovation and the timelessness that Messika is known for. 

Dubbed the “Feel The Colour” capsule it is inspired by energy and dance, resulting in an incredible photoshoot for the collection. 

As founder and artistic director of the house, Valerie Messika explains: “Through this vibrant photo shoot, Messika jewellery sparkles and reflects the energy of the model as she moves through dance. Showcased through the movement of a woman who is not afraid to show her own style and personality, we find the DNA of Messika.” 

Messika is known for its modern and innovative approach to jewellery design, particularly in the realm of diamond jewellery. 

The brand was founded by Valérie Messika in 2005 and has since gained recognition for its contemporary and stylish pieces.