Olivia Palermo and Piaget; a collaboration of creativity and elegance

Lara Mansour   |   05 - 04 - 2017

With her innate sense of style, and pin-sharp business acumen, Olivia Palermo has become a fashion Tour de Force. Making her career out of her ability to put together one unforgettable outfit after another, she has now for the second consecutive year, collaborated with Piaget to unveil a collection full of vibrant colours.


The introduction of bright and bold Piaget colours to an iconic jewellery collection called for an equally vibrant and colourful collaboration with a woman who embodies the vitality of Possession, making Palermo the perfect choice. Piaget puts a spotlight on the many aspects of her life through film and photography, one vibrant colour at a time and through this campaign it is revealed how she balances many different talents, weaving her life into a colourful tapestry of achievements and adventures. A style icon with an eye for effortless elegance, Palermo is the heroine moving from one dynamic colour scene to another in the new film campaign, each representative of a different situation and mood, appearing in two of the scenes alongside her husband, photographer Johannes Huebl.

Beyond his appearance in two film vignettes, Johannes Huebl has also captured the effortless style of Olivia Palermo in a series of exclusive photographs. True to her effortless style that has earned her global fashion influencer status, she creatively pairs Possession sautoirs, bracelets, bangles, and rings with different looks themed around the new colours of the collection, showing off the versatility of a collection that is continuously evolving with new designs, colours and materials.

Palermo shares with us her thoughts on the campaign and colour, and how injecting bold hues into your wardrobe and life can instantly lift you and give you happiness. ‘Colour is very much something I enjoy in life. I love that it was incorporated in the new collection,’ explains the style icon.

What attracted you to work on as second campaign with Piaget for the Possession collection?

I loved the first collection with Piaget and working with the team. I think the new collection is so wonderful and very easy to wear. Especially incorporating colour into the new season is something I found very relatable, because colour is very much something I enjoy in life, and within getting ready. So, I thought it would be wonderful to continue to work together!


What is your favourite colour and stone from the new Possession pieces?

I really love the turquoise series. Turquoise is a colour that I’ve loved from a very young age. It reminds of the beach in Santa Fe.

How do you add colour to your life?

There is so much colour you can add to your life. You can add colour within interiors in an apartment, within the way that you dress, and the happiness you can have in life…

Tell us about the concept of this film?

This story plays a nice romantic and magical feel, thanks to various elements of the story. From working with Johannes, to working with two girls on set and even by myself, just having the colour in every story. I think each woman has their favourite colour so we tried to cater to everyone!

Do you have any anecdotes about making it?

I love that I was blowing out birthday candles but not on my birthday, that was fun!

Can you give us the first words that come to your mind for each colour?

Red: Valentino’s heels from the 60’s, Nails from my Olivia Palermo collection with Ciaté, Love.

Blue: My Husband, School uniform

Turquoise: Santa Fe, Ocean, Piaget

Green: English countryside, Military, Flowers

Gold: Favourite, Chic, Tasteful

Black: New Yorker, Classic, Needed


Where do you find the confidence and energy to always move forward and embody all your different roles as a woman?

I wear many different hats, but it’s wonderful how they can all go hand in hand. I think women in this day and age should be more supportive of each other than ever, and give each other a great platform and stability. Within the film, we show different ways a woman can wear the Possession collection, and you can really see how it can give confidence to the woman who wears it. That confidence can come from anything, it can be jewellery, hair, or nails… It’s all those little things, and little details in life that can give women an extra boost of confidence, and I think that’s really important.


What are your best tips on how to incorporate colour into your outfit?

Colour is nice to incorporate within getting dressed. Sometimes it can start from feeling an accessory and building your look from there. Of course, always keep in mind what’s appropriately dressed for your environment. But it’s fun, you should play with it, just being in front of the mirror, and you will be pleasantly surprised. Indeed, sometimes there might be colours you’re unsure of, but in the end it looks lovely together!