Piaget Unveils its New High Jewellery Collection Wings of Light

Lindsay Judge   |   14 - 07 - 2020

Piaget’s new High Jewellery collection “Wings of Light” invites you on a journey into a world of fantasy and joy.


Inspired by flight and the wings of a bird, this exquisite collection features diamonds and coloured gemstones that bring to life the beauty of nature and celebrate a tranquil oasis of wonder and harmony.


The wing of a bird has long been a motif used in jewellery throughout the years and requires such high levels of skilled craftsmanship.  One of the key aspects of the Wings of Light collection is the Majestic Plumage Set.



This colourful necklace and earrings and cocktail ring set feature gem-setting work that perfectly resembles the colours of an exotic bird created by sapphires and spinel. At the centre of the necklace is a rare 7.49 carats Paraiba. This unique stone was sourced in Mozambique and is quite unusual for its size. The statement necklace can be taken apart and worn as an ear cuff or can be further divided to be worn on both ears.



The earrings showcase a rainbow of stones and took over 140 hours to complete in the Piaget atelier. This combination of the highest quality of both stones and skill repeats in the cocktail ring, a statement piece showcasing remarkable gems which took eight months to source and match. A vibrant, indigo blue- coloured tourmaline, so different from the darker blue-green of more common tourmaline, is teamed with the perfect ‘hot pink’ shade of red in the pear-shaped spinel.




The second key part of the collection is the Secret Cenote Set. Inspired by cascading rivers of blue waters melting into smooth shapes. This natural pool, poetically called ‘cenote’ (translated from the Spanish as ‘holy well’) is a place of rest and refuge, where the colour of the water reflects and soothes us into a gentle state of calm. The centre of the necklace is a “Ceylon” 22.68 carats sapphire in bright blissful blue sourced in Sri Lanka; home to some of the most beautiful sapphires in the world. The matching ring is designed with an equally beautiful blue stone at the centre. This time in 11.34 carats. This sapphire is from Madagascar. Leafy vine-shapes diamonds were especially cut to surround the sapphire in a way that reflects nature. To complete; earrings with sapphires and diamonds with matching stones.



The Cenote set also features one of the most iconic pieces of the high jewellery collection. The Cenote watch echoes the blues and greens of tropical vegetation, the lush colours of nature, but this time with majestic black opal as its dial and in its surrounding details. Featuring the finest black opal in the world; sourced in Australia this watch is truly one of a kind. With an asymmetrical design the jewellery watch represents the order and randomness of nature. Baguette-cut sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds surround the beautiful opal face, making this watch a stand out can’t be missed piece.



The third set the Rainbow Light Set celebrates the moment of the sun setting in the night sky. Warm rosy hues and rich golds and pinks illuminate the pieces in this set. Rubellites and pink tourmalines glow like hot coals, while rose gold, chosen to reflect the warmth of the tones of the sunset, is treated with the delicacy of ‘Palace Décor’, a hand-made golden engraving finish using age-old techniques and special instruments to produce a soft effect etched on the surface of the gleaming metal. These pieces use a ground-breaking partnership of leather, wood, and mother-of-pearl marquetry that paints a different picture to any that have gone before it. In a unique process developed by Rose Saneuil, each tiny piece of wood or calfskin is carefully cut to perfectly fit the outline and shape before being meticulously positioned within the whole, taking its specific place to create an effect of rays of light. Breathtaking as it is groundbreaking, this marquetry method is a new signature of the house. The mother-of-pearl is also treated uniquely, being cut to different lengths and crafted on a curved stand to ensure comfort when wearing: it is resistant to water and UV rays thanks to a thin layer of varnish developed and tested in tropical climate conditions.



This set consists of three jewels; earrings a cuff, and a jewellery watch. The cuff features a rubellite of 22.68 carats and using a high level of craftsmanship to create a unique piece of art. The watch is created using the most highly skilled of techniques combining fine watchmaking with expert jewellery making techniques. The technique of marquetry in wood, stones, straw, leather and parchment is repeated here. The watch is complete with a Piaget signature off-centre hours-minute counter and the tourbillon carriage.


A truly spectacular collection that will make you dream.