July Birthstone: The Best Ruby Jewellery To Gift Your Loved Ones

Hayley Kadrou   |   27-06-2019

As we move into July, we celebrate the birthstone of the month with the help of global emerald and ruby gemstone suppliers Gemfields.


Fabergé Palais Tsarskoye Selo Rose Heart Locket

73EA1075 Devotion Ruby Earrings 1-2

Fabergé Devotion Ruby Earrings

831RG1642-2 Fabergé Ruby with Ruby Pavé Rose Gold Fluted Ring

Fabergé Ruby with Ruby Pavé Rose Gold Fluted Ring

Bina Goenka 1

Bina Goenka 18-karat gold, ruby and emerald earrings

822EA1613 Devotion Ruby Drop Earrings

Fabergé Devotion Ruby Drop Earrings

1076WA1935 Fabergé Dalliance Ruby_GemAddict

Fabergé Dalliance Ruby Gem Addict

818FP1608 Mosaic Ruby Pendant close up

Fabergé Palais Mosaic Ruby Pendant

Fabergé Ruby Ring

Fabergé Ruby Ring

1836 Imperatrice Tassel Ruby Earrings

1836 Imperatrice Tassel Ruby Earrings

Finding a gift that’s both luxurious and personal can be tricky. So if you have a loved one celebrating an important birthday this month , why not treat them to a pair of earrings encrusted with rubies, the birthstone for the month of July.


The concept of birthstones is an ancient one and stems from previous civilisations’ beliefs that gems and crystals hold unique and particular powers. Rubies have been known as the jewel of passion, love, power and raw energy for life – making it a thoughtful present for those born in the summer month. Hundreds of millions of years in the making, rubies are extremely rare and often cited as the most luxurious of all the gemstones with a very unique formation process.


Jewellery houses such as Fabergé and Bina Goenka have created intricate and exuberant rings, earrings, and necklaces using the precious stone. The first of which was founded in 1842 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, by Gustav Faberge and was once famous for designing elaborate jewel-encrusted Fabergé eggs for the Russian Tsars. Later, his grandsons moved the house to Paris.


Fabergé Heritage heart locket and i love you

Fabergé Heritage heart locket and I love you


The second, Bina Goenka, is known for her creative, artistic approach to jewellery making without substituting pure luxury and the finest of rare materials. Both houses source their rare gems from Gemfields, global emerald and ruby gemstone suppliers. The 2007-founded company is the operator (and 75 per cent owner) of both Kagem emerald mine in Zambia and Montepuez ruby mine in Mozambique. The former is assumed to be the world’s single largest producing emerald mine, and the latter one of the most significant recently discovered ruby deposits in the world.


At the heart of the Gemfields is its responsibility to source and provide stones in a sustainable manner, as the company takes on a leading role in modernising the coloured gemstone industry and building lasting, sustainable livelihoods for the communities living close to the mines and contributing in a positive way to national economies.



Devotion Ruby Earrings

Fabergé Devotion Ruby Earrings



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