This Brooch is Officially ‘Outstanding’

Diana Bell-Heather   |   24-07-2018

A sparkling peony flower shaped brooch has been awarded an impressive title.


Cindy Chao brooch

Courtesy of Cindy Chao.


Cindy Chao’s Peony Brooch, received ‘Outstanding Object’ award by the Masterpiece Award Committee in London.


Strong as steel, dynamic and boldly beautiful yet simultaneously feminine, charming and ethereal, the brooch is entirely set with rubies on purple-coloured titanium.


The vivid red bloom with yellow pistils adds a striking impression on the intensely hued and kaleidoscopic Nootka Island.  The committee described the Peony Brooch as ‘an example of contemporary craftsmanship and great design’.


Cindy Chao brooch

Courtesy of Cindy Chao.


Since its founding in 2004, Cindy Chao The Art Jewel has been known for its artistic interpretations as well as the intricate and refined craftsmanship that brings its stunningly realized creations to life.


Each 360-degree work of art is created using the delicate craft of 18th century artisan wax moulding, individually sculpting life into each of the brand’s pieces before setting the gemstones.


For orders, head over to their website and the team will fly to you.


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