Get Ready To Swoon Over Messika’s Latest Jewellery Collection

Hayley Kadrou   |   24-06-2019

As one of the jewellers who has been redefining the meaning of high jewellery in the last few years, we’re always keen to see what will be next from Valérie Messika. And with her latest capsule collection, Move Uno, we’re far from disappointed.

4 Messika Paris - Collier Uno 10111 W

Collier Uno

3 Messika Joaillerie - BO Move Uno Pendantes 5631 W

BO Move Uno Pendante

Messika Paris -Bracelet de Cheville Move Uno 10100 Y

Bracelet de Cheville Move Uno

3 Messika Joaillerie - BO Move Uno 5634 Y

BO Move Uno

1 Messika Joaillerie - Bague Move Uno 4705 P

Bague Move Uno

4 Messika Joaillerie - Uno Earrings 6510 P

Uno Earrings

Messika is a jewellery brand that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Over the last few years, we have heard the moniker – taken from French creator’s surname, Valérie Messika – more and more, from being a favourite of Gigi Hadid to taking Cannes Film Festival by storm being worn by the likes of Aja Naomi King, Martha Hunt and Pixie Lott.


Which is why we’re always eager to see what the jewellery Maison comes up with next. And the latest drop from Messika is an extension of the Move collection. For the 2019 collection, the designer has recreated the famous diamond in motion in an ‘easy to wear’ version, the Move Uno.


Each item in the new drop, from the stud earring to delicate bracelets and long chain necklaces, have been designed to be petite meaning they can be worn alone or layered – each delivering a tiny portion of day to day luxury. The Move Uno collection has been created using a golden motif, each combining with a unique moving diamond. Tones include gold, silver and rose gold.


Previously, the woman behind the empire told us: “Through the years, Messika gained special in-house techniques: Messika made its name around one collection and technique – the Diamond in motion, with Move Collection. Through the innovative Silk technique, I came close to recreating the suppleness of fabric in the jewels, taming gold so that it hugs the curves of the body like a precious garment worn next to the skin.”


See some of our favourites above.


See the latest fine jewellery collection from Messika

See the latest fine jewellery collection from Messika



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