Piaget reveals Four Exceptional Pieces

Lindsay Judge   |   20-12-2022

Piaget has revealed four exceptional Altiplano Moonphase pieces combining the best in savoir-faire with the beauty of jewellery craftsmanship.


These four one-of-a-kind watches make up the exclusive métiers d’art collection which takes the Maison’s creativity to new heights.


For over a century, Piaget’s savoir-faire has revolved around the Maison’s ability to put technicality at the service of beauty, using the first to provide the second with as much creative space as possible. These new designs once again highlight this impeccable craftsmanship.



This is the first time the moonphase complication has entered the Altiplano collection and these four exclusive pieces further the Maison’s decades-long relationship with masterful artists.


The four watches feature a unique design which took two years to perfect. Combining beauty and precision, a luxury of intricate details and technicality is made to fit on a 36mm-wide watch.



The dials were brought to life by master enameller Anita Porchet. A translucent blue enamel sky features Chinese constellations are represented by small white dots and precious stones. A beautiful touch means each Guardian, representing a cardinal point and associated with one of the four seasons and elements, gently appears at nightfall.


The Azure Dragon stands for the East and is associated with Spring and wood; the red bird, representing the South, is close to Summer and fire. The white tiger, looking West, is naturally a friend of Autumn and metal, while the black turtle (for the North) is at ease in Winter and water.



Underneath this star-lit night sky, moon rays of graduated diamonds, sapphires and garnets are set on the lower half of the gold palace-decor dial. This required hours of work to create multiple unique details including deep, blue-lacquered moon-shaped oscillating weight, a moon window framed with a gold ring set and graduated diamonds in a crescent moon shape. Enamel and gold thread embroidery required the highest level of expertise to fit the delicate mechanism of the Altiplano.



In each of these creations, Piaget’s mastery is at the service of the profound significance of the constellations’ powers and the Moon’s infinite radiance.