Cartier showcases signature style at SIHH

  |   22-01-2017

Cartier highlights a magnificent display of strength and panache at the latest edition of the SIHH.



[Image: Drive de Cartier watches.]

Two new faces of the Drive de Cartier watch are keenly anticipated in the wake of last year’s acclaimed première of the suave and sophisticated timepiece. This year, a refined and masculine extra-flat movement measuring a mere 7 mm thick represents the ultimate in watchmaking sophistication. It is accompanied by a Moon Phase complication watch designed for the pleasure of contemplation.


[Image: Panthère de Cartier watches.]

The Panthère de Cartier watch, an imposing icon of the 1980s, is looking edgier than ever. This irrefutable emblem of the decade of decadence slinks sensuously about the wrist in gleaming yellow gold. Jewellery first, timepiece second, it is instantly recognisable as Cartier.


[Image: Cartier Papyrus watch.]


[Image: Cartier Trait d’ Éclat watch.]

The Papyrus watch is an exquisite ensemble of 32 evenly paired emerald rustles like foliage in the breeze. In the trait d’éclat watch 15 rubies weave harmoniously around the wrist, creating a flash of fire, with a total weight of 24.93 carats.


[Image: Cartier XL Flamed Gold Watch.]

Excellence comes to life in the menagerie with iconic inspiration from the mighty panther as artisan jewellers and watchmakers embrace the opportunity to tame the wild. In the Ronde Louis Cartier XL flamed gold watch Cartier pioneers a fiery new technique in watchmaking.

04C_Panthere_Royale_watch_HPI01014  05C_Panthere_Joueuse_HPI01105

[Image: Left to right: Panthère Royale watch and Panthère Joueuse watch.]

The Panthère Royale watch transforms platinum and diamonds into glittering lacework in a dazzling demonstration of the creativity of Cartier jewellery. For the Panthère Joueuse complication watch, Cartier makes a game of telling the time in depicting a panther playing with a ball.

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 15.33.02 Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 15.33.25

[Image: Left to right – Mysterious Double Tourbillon watch and Mysterious Hour watch.]

This year, a pair of Rotonde de Cartier watches are the new faces of this commitment to excellence. The first of these revels in the transparency of the mysterious double tourbillon and the steady rhythm of the minute repeater. The second juxtaposes the transparency of the mysterious movement with the contrasting skeleton aesthetic.