Dior Relaunches Iconic Chiffre Rouge Watch Collection

Emma Hodgson   |   13-02-2024

Twenty years after its first launch, the Chiffre Rouge timepiece collection is born again, enjoying a renaissance, reinvented through new models featuring some of the House’s most iconic codes; details chosen for their elegance and couture aesthetic. 

Revisited with a modern edge, these extraordinary timepieces are now adorned with the lines of cannage, an eternal symbol of Dior. Engraved with infinite precision and delicacy, the sumptuous, micro-textured graphics magnify the dial and oscillating weight.

Monsieur Dior’s favourite number, eight, also emblemizes this creation; it is the only numeral in the date display to be highlighted by the vibrant shade, like a marvellous lucky charm that reappears every month.

Equipped with an automatic mechanism visible on the back through a captivating use of transparency, the watches are fitted with a variety of calibres, from chronograph to tourbillon, composing a diverse selection to suit all tastes.

Daring to mix and match, this timepiece comes with interchangeable straps – in rubber enhanced with macro and micro cannage or in precious leather – that can be interchanged as wanted.

Presented in several different finishes, it can be embellished with stones or distinguished by an ultra-matte black. Perpetually contemporary, this object of desire exists in two sizes, 38mm and 41mm. A powerful statement for both men and women.

Five of the timepiece designs will be available from February, with a further design becoming available in July and two more in October 2024.