Celebrating Time: New Watches From La D de Dior To Mark Special Anniversary

Lindsay Judge   |   23-04-2019

This year La D de Dior celebrates its 15th anniversary with an exciting new offering of stunning timepieces.


In 2003, Dior Jewellery Artistic Director Victoire de Castellane unveiled her first watch; La D de Dior. Inspired by the purity of the form of men’s styles, she added femininity and created a simple design with just two hands, meaning no index and no date display.


Over the last fifteen years, La D de Dior has become a timeless classic that’s constantly renewed and updated with new colours, styles and sizes. La D de Dior watches are timeless pieces that are designed for passing down with love to members of the family or beloved friends. The timepieces can be embellished with precious and ornamental stones to make them more unique and personal.




Today the watch is available with a diameter of 19mm as well as 25mm, 36mm and 38mm, so there are options for women with all tastes. With every new collection, the timepiece has revealed new traits.


This can be anything from a dial with captivating reflections on La D de Dior Opale, to a face set entirely with diamonds as was La D de Dior Précieuse. There have also been some beautiful colour combinations including vivid brights on La Mini D de Fluo or contrasting shades on La D de Dior Granville.



The launch of the 2016 La D de Dior Satine was a particularly memorable moment with a Milanese knit mesh bracelet that mirrors the suppleness and shine of a satin ribbon. These interlaced gold and steel threads were created using a rare specialised machine for knitted metal, that requires high skill from expert artisans.


This year La D de Dior Satine returns in six new versions. In the 25mm size, it features a dial-in red lacquer and a bezel in rose gold set with diamonds, while two others have a dial-in white or pink mother-of-pearl and a bezel subtly worked to resemble the weave of a fabric. Three others are available in 19mm or 36mm sizes, with a dial-in malachite or lapis lazuli and a bezel set entirely with diamonds.



There is also the beautiful addition of La Mini D de Dior Rose des Vents. Recognizable for the eight-point star at the dial’s centre, a nod to the couturier’s “lucky” star, it comes to life as its wearer moves her wrist. This watch, with its rice grain bezel and clasp, comes in two new styles, in red or pink lacquer.


The final new addition of the family is the La D de Dior Précieuse à Secret, which is embellished with a delicate white opal cabochon. Its case, bracelet and crown are embellished with snow-set diamond pavé.


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