Bovet 1822 unveils a luminescent world premiere with its new collection

Natalie Hanson   |   19-04-2017

BOVET 1822 has unveiled an exclusive world first with the announcement of its new Château de Môtiers 40 collection.

pap 1

Since the brand’s inception, the miniature paintings that adorn the cases and dials of the BOVET timepieces have captivated art and fine watchmaking enthusiasts. Now, this new timepiece showcases an innovative technique that brings new dimensions to the decorative arts.

The release complements the 195th anniversary of BOVET, and demonstrates how the brand still shows much potential for innovation within the tradition and rules of their art.

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The innovation involves combining traditional techniques of miniature painting with the layered application of luminescent material. The artist’s work on the dial’s surface therefore becomes visible both by day and by night. The technique presents the artisan with a multitude of expressive possibilities, such as designing a motif that appears different in the dark than in the light.


The skill lies in achieving the same level of detail with the luminescent material, almost as if the artist is creating two paintings simultaneously. The artisan is also faced with a new constraint, in that he must repeatedly move from a lit room to a dark one in order to gauge each step of his meticulous work.

BOVET 1822 is presenting an entire collection based on this major innovation to confirm its reputation as the ultimate pioneer and reference in the applied arts.