Morning Coffee with Fashion Designer Arwa Al Banawi

Hayley Kadrou   |   04 - 03 - 2019

The Saudi-born designer talks through why her fashion line has made waves in the region as she shares her personal and professional mottos.

While her designs appeal to people all over the world, Fashion Entrepreneur and Designer Arwa Al Banawi doesn’t hold back from infusing her Saudi Arabian routes into her designs.

And while she was born in Jeddah, her fashion label of the eponymous name was birthed right here in Dubai.

Since launching her debut collection of ready-to-wear suits and shirts in 2015, Arwa’s brand has grown exponentially. But while talking to the A&E team over Morning Coffee, we find out that she’s got no plans of slowing down on that expansion rate anytime soon.


Watch the full interview with Arwa above, and see the five things we learned talking to the designer below.


Five Things we Learned Talking to Arwa Al Banawi Over Morning Coffee


There’s magic in action

And it’s one of the mottos she lives by. Arwa explained that the second you take action rather than just say that you will do something: “The universe starts to send you people or support. It all flows to the right direction.”

Menswear is next on her agenda

The local fashion designer revealed that menswear is what she wants to conquer next. She said: “I already do have pieces that are genderless. We do have male clients but I defintetly want to do more. “

Her personal motto is hard word

Arwa explained that she reminds herself of the saying ‘When you work hard, you will receive’ every day while at work. She said: “If you put the effort and the hours in, and when your hearts in it, you will receive.”

This is how she wants to be remembered

“I want to be remembered for showing so much pride for my own country and my culture in my fashion label, and that I let the whole world celebrate that and wear it.”

There’s one thing she always says ‘No!’ too

… Decaf! And we can’t blame her.

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