CEO Of Medy Haus Design, Medy Navani, on the Unique Appeal on Architecture in the UAE

Hayley Kadrou   |   11-04-2019

CEO of Medy Haus Design, Medy Navani, talks us through why architecture in the UAE inspires him and why the region is a playground for design.

After 13 years working on design and architecture in the region, Medy Navani knows a thing or two about what makes this part of the world so unique.


And while he is known for his contemporary-chic, less-is-more approach to design, the CEO describes the UAE as a playground for those in his field.


Joining the a&e team for Morning Coffee, he reveals who and what inspires him, the best piece of advice he’s ever been given, and the book he’s reading right now.



Watch the full interview with the CEO above, and find out what we learned chatting with him below.


Five Things We Learned Chatting to Medy Navani Over Morning Coffee


Medy Navani talks about his biggest challenges and the best advice he has ever received

Medy Navani talks about his biggest challenges and the best advice he has ever received


The biggest challenge in his career


“I think the biggest challenge is actually keeping the energy and the motivation up, our bodies, our personalities are changing, we change as humans every now and then. Our goals are changing, our motivation is changing. What motivates us today is not a fact tomorrow.”


On architecture in the Middle East 


Having lived in Dubai for the last 13 year, Medy has seen the landscape grow, develop and innovate over the years. And what does he love about design and architecture in this region in particular? He told a&e that the UAE is a “playground” for architects, adding: “The UAE has this ‘it’s okay… Let’s just do it mentality.’ You know, let’s pull our sleeves up, let’s go out there and let’s build and create something which has never been there before.”


Medy says ‘no’ to negative energy


Medy said: “I’m usually a ‘yes’ sayer, but if there is a person or a thing that tries to stop you from achieving what you want or tries to give out negative energy, that I would say ‘no’ to.”


On Inspiration


“I believe every single person we meet – and it can be the person just next door – has a story to share and has something to give which maybe changes slightly your mind or the way we see our world… I think all the people in the world, everybody, can teach us something. I get inspired by the silliest things and by the most interesting people.”


On spreading joy 


The best piece of advice he ever received was from his friend’s father, who told him: “The purpose of life is to try and enjoy it to the maximum, and as much as you enjoy life, try and give joy to others. And if for whatever reason you can’t enjoy life or give joy because of whatever situation you are in, try not to take joy away from others. I love this statement.”


Medy Navani shares his words of wisdom over Morning Coffee

Medy Navani shares his words of wisdom over Morning Coffee


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