Brow Rehab: How to Transform Your Eyebrows As Told By Benefit Experts

Hayley Kadrou   |   28-04-2019

Whether you’re struggling with thinning brows or unruly hairs, here’s what you need to know about getting your eyebrows back on track.


A small part of our body, yes, but as brows work to frame the face, switching up the style or shape can change how we look. Seeing as brow are susceptible to trends too, many of us are now have thin or uneven brows thanks to the years of plucking and pulling at our hairs trying to keep up.


Yet others spend their mornings trying to flatten, tame and control unruly brows that have a mind of their own.


So to help you overcome your eyebrow woe, we spoke to Benefit Cosmetics Regional Brow Artist, Menat El Abd, who offered up all her best tips and tricks to answers all your questions.


Benefit Cosmetics Regional Brow Artist Menat El Abd shares all her tips help you get your brows back on track

Benefit Cosmetics Regional Brow Artist Menat El Abd shares all her tips help you get your brows back on track


Brow Growth


Whether we’ve plucked them too thin or we’re just after a re-shape, many women are looking for ways to make their eyebrows grow – and fast. What comes first and foremost, according to Menat? “Stop grooming your brows for a few weeks!” she begins with. Elaborating, the expert adds: “They need to rest if you want them to grow.”


She continues to explain that you need to treat the hairs above your eyes with the same care as you would the hair on your head, meaning giving it a little TLC in the form of a conditioning treatment. She explains: “My best-kept secret is applying a brow conditioner at night time because night time is prime time. Browvo! Conditioning Primer by Benefit Cosmetics is an all-in-one eyebrow serum containing keratin and soy proteins known to help brows look thicker and fuller.”


Evening Out


Whether your last waxing appointment went horribly wrong or you’ve just always noticed as a disparity in your brow sizes and shapes. Maybe women are in the quest to even brows. But even with the knowledge that eyebrows are sisters not twins,  we still don’t want our brows o look like distant cousins.


Menat advises: “However, If your brows do not start, arch and end in the right place, they will start to look very unbalanced. Your brow should start at the arch of your nose; this frames your face whilst also making your nose look slimmer. The arch should be just above the iris and the end should be parallel with the corner of your eye. This technique opens up your eyes whilst also helping shape your cheekbones. Benefit Cosmetics offer a free brow mapping consultation at all its Sephora Brow Bars.”


Hair Removal 


There seem to be so many myths around the pros and cons of different hair removal methods. But when it comes to brows, what do the experts really advise? “At Benefit Cosmetics, we’ve wax brows since 1976. Waxing is quick and effective, removing lots of hair in one go. As threading is so quick, it can often be unpredictable, meaning it can easily go wrong. Waxing and tweezing are also quick methods, but they are far more predictable and controllable.


“The usual time between eyebrow waxes is around four weeks. The best thing to do is tweeze any stray hairs but DO NOT touch the arch of the brow, or any hairs inside the brow. When tweezing, remember to tweeze in the direction of the hair to easily pull out the hair. This is best to do after a bath or shower. A good concealer over the top of any stray hairs is also very effective to keep the shape of the brow between waxes.”


Taming Brows


Okay, so we can pluck and wax to try and get that shape perfected, but what about keeping those brows in order one within from your latest wax? The Benefit Cosmetics Regional Brow Artist explained: “To make your eyebrows lay flat, try using a brow gel to smooth down hairs that come in at an odd angle. Benefit’s 24hr Brow Setter clear gel has a good level of hold to pin down unruly individuals. It can be worn alone or on top of your eyebrow makeup. The cherry on top is that it’s waterproof and will resist sweat.”


Thickening Up


Before those thick brows grow back after your hard work and dedication, you might want a short term fix to give the illusion of volume. Menat explained that using a product that can not only essentiate the hairs you do hair but can also give the appearance of more hairs by adding thickening fibres. Naturally, she recommended cult classic Gimme Brow. Menat explains: “It uses fibres to do what once seemed scientifically impossible — creating eyebrows and natural-looking brow volume where none existed before. It is super easy to use, sets the brows and fills them at the same time, giving them this perfect feathery brow effect. A game changer! Oh, and it is also water-resistant and long-wearing.”


The tips and trick to restore your brows as told by a Benefit expert

The tips and trick to restore your brows as told by a Benefit expert


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