Cartier Launches a New Limited Edition Version of La Panthère

Lindsay Judge   |   12-12-2019

To celebrate the fifth birthday of its iconic fragrance La Panthère Cartier is launching a new limited edition of the perfume.


Cartier celebrates the fifth anniversary of its fragrance La Panthère with an elegant new bottle. The bottle reflects the feminine feel of the floral fragrance and captures the strength of the panther. The scent features gardenia and a musky structure that is both animal and molecular. These elements come together to create something that’s elegant and feminine and will make the perfect gift for the festive season.


Cartier – La Panthere Limited Edition


Originally created in 2014 by Cartier’s perfumer Mathilde Laurent, La Panthère has become the house’s fragrance icon thanks to its classic appeal and feline-floral accord. It embodies the contemporary creativity of Cartier and combines it with classic elegance. Possessing the same qualities of the Panthère jewellery, the fragrance pays homage to the panther – its feline qualities, agility and sensuality. While the Panthère jewellery mimics the panther’s movement, the perfume recreates its velvety aura, resulting in an undeniable magnetism.


The panther has been a source of inspiration to Cartier since 1914 when a panther motif first appeared on one of the brand’s watches. In the 1980s the panther inspired the first-ever Cartier perfume and has since been deeply engraved into the essence of the brand. Today the La Panthère fragrance symbolises strength, femininity and power, giving confidence to the woman that wears it.


The new La Panthère limited edition bottle is now available.



Cartier Launches a New Limited Edition Version of La Panthère

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