Chanel’s New LE LIFT Sérum Offers Firmer, Smoother, Younger Looking Skin

Lindsay Judge   |   12-01-2021

Chanel’s new LE LIFT Sérum is designed for women who want to reflect their inner beauty.


The LE LIFT skincare line was created to meet the needs of women who want an active and positive approach to skincare that builds self-confidence day by day.


Thanks to the botanical ingredients in their most effective concentration and high-tolerance formulas, the LE LIFT collection comprises of formulas focused on nature, offering the best in performance with real visible results. This allows women to take control of their beauty, regardless of age.



The new LE LIFT Sérum combines alfalfa and black peppermint to smooth and firm, protect and strengthen the skin in a single step. With 93 per cent natural-origin ingredients the LE LIFT Sérum formula comprises of some of the latest formulation breakthroughs in skincare. A duo of hyaluronic acid and plant-based glycerin delivers a sense of freshness and hydration that sets in with each application. A biopolymer extracted from manioc firms the skin and immediately smooths the features. The serum glides over the skin, leaving it divinely soft.


Le Lift Serum

Selected by Chanel Research, the black peppermint was grown was sustainable agriculture methods in the Drôme region of France. This key ingredient has an incredible ability to adapt to different environments and resist stress. LE LIFT Sérum uses Chanel’s signature technology PolyFractioning, to extract only the quintessence of the plant. This results in a pure and powerful extract; Peppermint PFA. Naturally and extremely antioxidant, Peppermint PFA was molecularly designed with new protective properties.


The active ingredient Black Peppermint PFA Complex offers a protective shield on the skin and is effective on all skin oxidation targets. It provides cells with overall protection against the stresses of our daily lives and provides the Peppermint PFA potential of the mitochondrion, the “power plant” that supplies the cells with energy. Its hydrophilic HYDROROS form acts on the surface to block external free radicals, linked to UV rays and pollution. And its lipophilic LIROS form, it penetrates the cell and reaches the mitochondrion to counteract oxidative stress caused by energy production.

LE LIFT collection


The black peppermint PFA complex completes the action of the botanical alfalfa concentrate, which combines performance and gentleness on the skin. In the epidermis, the botanical alfalfa concentrate stimulates epidermal differentiation to consolidate the skin barrier, reactivates the cellular proliferation of keratinocytes and thus induces epidermal thickening by 13%*. In the dermis, it increases synthesis of Type I collagen.


These two key ingredients together ensure the skin is protected against internal and external aggressors. The serum instantly delivers a tensing action which lasts for up to 24 hours. Your skin will look smoother, firmer and more luminous, whatever your age.