Dior Unveils The New Miss Dior Campaign Starring Natalie Portman

Lindsay Judge   |   26-08-2021

Dior has today unveiled a new Miss Dior campaign starring Natalie Portman which coincides with the release of the new Miss Dior Eau De Parfum.


Natalie Portman has been a close partner of the House of Dior and the face of Miss Dior since 2011, starring in many iconic campaigns for the fragrance.



Today as a new chapter of Miss Dior begins the American actress stars in this beautiful video which captures the essence of the Miss Dior fragrance and shows her as the strong, inspiring woman she is.


The uplifting video sees Portman find herself in a beautiful landscape, surrounded by flowers, water, greenery and birds: a representation of freedom. she rushes forward, running, laughing, singing and above all, taking in the beautiful surroundings. With style and character she represents the Miss Dior woman who is confident, strong-willed and beautiful. The video ends with Portman asking the question “What would you do for love?.”


Watch the new campaign video here…



The new Miss Dior Eau De Parfum will be available this September. Read more about it in the upcoming issue of A&E.