Rainbow Nails is the Latest Must-Have Manicure Swaying Us From Our Go-To Nude

Hayley Kadrou   |   29-08-2019

If you feel like doing something new with your nails but are not sure what, then take inspiration from the manicure trend that’s taking over Instagram.

When it comes to getting our nails done, we’re not usually too experimental. There are a few shades we stick too; the perfect nude for business hours, a peachy-coral for sun-filled vacations and a mystic red as the holiday season approaches.


But the latest nail trend that’s clogging up our Instagram feed is encouraging us to be a little more daring. Yes, the rainbow manicure has arrived, and it’s a more sophisticated take on your pre-teen dream of painting your nails with every shade in your polish collection.


Rainbow nails have arrived

Rainbow nails have arrived

This sweet-as-candy nail trend is swaying us away from our go-to nude hue


Because nail technicians have been kitting customers out with a mix of hues that complement one another,  from multi-coloured pastel shades to vivacious acid tones running from pinky finger to thumb.


One place that’s leading the trend in the region is That Hair Tho, the vegan and cruelty-free hair and beauty salon located in JLT.


multi coloured pastel nails tht dubai

We love the pastel shades

Can't decide which shade? No need to with this new nail trend

Can’t decide which shade? No need to with this new nail trend


Sharing with us some of their most popular rainbow manicures yet, Co-Founder of THT, Kate Darling, spoke to A&E about the fun-loving trend.


She said: “We absolutely love this trend. Since posting photos on Instagram, it’s really taken off! I think almost every client since has requested this look.


“It’s perfect because you can literally wear it with almost any outfit and you can mix up the shades to suit your skin tone.” We’re not sure about you, but we’re convinced.


Visit thtworld.me for more information on nail services. 


Check out That Hair Tho to try the rainbow manicure yourself



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