Co-Founder of That Hair Tho Kate Darling Talks Bringing Sustainable Hair Care to the UAE

Hayley Kadrou   |   16-04-2019

Kate Darling, the Co-Founder of That Hair Tho in JLT, talks to a&e about her goals in sustainable beauty over Morning Coffee.

After a decade working in the beauty industry, Kate Darling has taken a new step by opening That Hair Tho – or THT – in Dubai in early 2019.


The project had been a year in the making, while Kate’s passion for cruelty-free and sustainable beauty has been resident for much longer.


Talking to a&e over Morning Coffee, the Co-Founder talks us through her early love of beauty, and her plans within the industry going forward.



Watch the full interview with Kate above, and find out what we learned talking with her below.


Five Things We Learned Talking to Kate Darling Over Morning Coffee


THT has opened in JLT

THT has opened in JLT


Her love for beauty started young


Kate tells us that she remembers being fascinated by and experimenting with beauty from a young age. She said that from the age of 11 she was discovering makeup, and added: “I would spend hours every night putting on different looks and experimenting with eyeliner and soon became passionate about it.”


Kate’s thoughts on ethical beauty 


The Co-Founder of the salon reveals that using and promoting products that are both ethical and sustainable has been a priority for her. She said: “The concept of the salon is using ethical and sustainable brands… They’re also vegan and cruelty-free free. So that’s quite important for us that were supporting those brands here and preventing the industry using cruelty to animals which is completely unnecessary.” And talking about what excites the entrepreneur about the industry in the region right now, she said: “It would have to be that consumers are becoming more aware of the products they are using and the ingredients inside.  And I think it’s become more important for consumers to understand their products are ethically sourced sand they won’t damage the environment.”


The advice Kate would give her younger self…


“Mistakes are okay and not everything is going to go your way. Making mistakes – with businesses or  whatever –  has been the fastest way to grow as a businesswoman and a person.”


Sophia Hilton inspires her the most


The London-based owner of Not Another Salon and Not Another Academy inspired the Dubai-based entrepreneur. Kate told a&e: “Not only has she got her own salon but she has an academy and her own social media company now. But the thing that inspires me about her most is her honesty, spreading the truth about the business. She’s not afraid to be herself while promoting her business as well.”


Kate’s business motto…


“If you can’t change it, don’t worry about it. It helped me a lot to think you can’t stress about things out of your control. You have to let it go and be positive about the future and what you can change.”


Kate Darling's biggest achievement to date has been finally opening her salon, That Hair Tho

Kate Darling’s biggest achievement to date has been finally opening her salon, That Hair Tho


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