Haysam Eid, Managing Director of Eideal, on Why He Doesn’t Believe in Setting Goals for the Future

Hayley Kadrou   |   15-04-2019

The Managing Director of Eideal, Haysam Eid, speaks to a&e about what he is most proud of to date and why he doesn’t believe in setting goals for the future.

After following in his father’s footstep, Haysam Eid took his passion for hairdressing a step further by launching his own line of hair styling tools for both stylists and customers at home to fall in love with.


On his brand Eideal – the leading provider of premium hair products and tools across the MENA region – Haysam told us that what makes his hair tools unique is that each one is designed to add value and innovation to every single product they develop.


Talking to a&e over Morning Coffee, the hair colourist turned businessman talks through his biggest achievements, life mottos and future goals.



Watch the full interview with stylist above, and read what we found out talking to him below.


Five Things We Learned Talking to Haysam Eid Over Morning Coffee


Haysam Eid talks to the a&e team over Morning Coffee

Haysam Eid talks to the a&e team over Morning Coffee


Haysam’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs


He said, when speaking to those wanting to launch their own business, he would tell them: “To learn when to say ‘no’.” He elaborated: “I mean in this chaotic world it’s pretty tempting to develop a way of saying no to certain things and obviously differentiating between grabbing the right opportunities and letting go on different occasion.”


The meaning of travelling


The business owner said: “Travelling enriches my soul, so I can say it connects me with other people and different cultures. I believe there are always opportunities to learn something.”


His life mottos 


Haysam shared both his personal and professional motto with a&e. The latter is: “Be accountable for your actions and be responsible – it’s only you who is responsible for your actions.”


Haysam’s dad is his biggest inspiration 


The Eid hairdressing talent didn’t begin with him. Haysam’s dad, Younes Eid is the owner of Salon Younes Eid in Beirut, Lebanon. Of him, the entrepreneur said: “First and foremost must be my father who inspires me. It probably sounds like a cliché but honestly, he does. He started his journey from nothing and he built it up to the top… You know the achievement he made in his career and his determination, it’s thanks to him I’m doing what I’m doing to today… He’s been a real example to me.”


What he would tell himself in 10 years


“I’d like to think that I’m proud I followed my gut, I so much believe in gut feeling and… when it comes to decision making, I follow my guts and I’d like to be proud of that in 10 years time with no regrets.”


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