Your Cheat Sheet To Top SS18 Beauty Looks

Eliza Scarborough   |   14-04-2018



This season, the world’s most revered beauty experts created inspirational and incredible beauty looks. Whether it’s an extreme graphic liner, a crystal embellishment or a sprinkling of glitter, there really is something for everyone. Scroll through our roundup of SS18 beauty trends to try now.



Missed-a-Bit Lips

This new lip trend dictates that actually it’s okay to miss a bit, with negative space lips. Championed by Pat McGrath at Maison Margiela, she applied a bespoke mix of her LuxeTrance Psycho Candy and MatteTrance Full Panic in a flocked shape that, upon closer examination, revealed two twin hearts that were turned on their sides.



Feeling Flushed

With the ability to brighten a complexion and awaken tired eyes, it’s only right that blusher breaks free from the traditional apple-of-the-cheek placement and instead, travel up to the eyes and along the cheekbones. And don’t play it safe with the shade either, opt for a poppy fuchsia or electric neon pink.



The Surrealists

Rather than lashline-hugging cat eye flicks, the new way to wear liquid eyeliner is with pure whimsy and abandon. Encircle eyes in almond-shaped rings or take inspiration from abstract art and go freehand to create graphic lines.



Bling it On

This season crystals made a brilliant accessory for under your eyes, hair parting and Cupid’s bow. Simply use a pair of tweezers and eyelash glue to stick the crystals either along your parting or onto your lips. The key here is to keep everything else pretty understated, think dewy skin, mascara-less eyes and nude lips, and the additional sparkling Swarovski’s won’t start to look OTT.



Electro Eyes

Would it really be summer make-up without some seriously bright colours on show? Electro-pop eye make-up appeared in orange, pink and aquamarine at House of Holland, in highly-pigmented pastels at Missoni, and in blues, greens and turquoises at Marni.




Val Garland’s toothbrush lip-exfoliation at the Balmain show

Luminous coverage and nude lips were the beauty look at Balmain, and the secret to the buffed lips was a toothbrush. The technique, as revealed by Val Garland, is simple. Using a lip exfoliator, start by sweeping the brush over the lips in light strokes, before nourishing the lips with a hydrating balm for a flake-free canvas.



The vacuum technique adopted by Sam McKnight for Chanel

In reference to the show’s transparent vinyl hats, trenches and bags, Sam McKnight styled the models low ponytails into a Plexiglas tube. However he used an alternative method to  feed the hair into the unusual accessory, first placing the tube over the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner, turning the machine on, and sucking up the hair lengths.



Karim Rahman’s cat-eye applied with a straw for Lanvin

This season, updated takes on the cat-eye were seen across the board, from the graphic, negative-space eyes at Rochas to reverse feline flicks at Jill Stuart. The most innovative however, were the graphic shapes at the outer corners of the eyes at Lanvin, by Karim Rahman, which were created with drinking straws dipped in a generous amount of liquid eyeliner.


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