Aesop Gives Combination Skin A VIP Treatment

Diana Bell-Heather   |   04-04-2018


Those with combination skin are in for a treat as Aesop unveils their new skin care range, In Two Minds.


Combination skin demands extra love and care (especially if you live in a hot city) and the new cleanser, toner and moisturizer contain a potent blend of scientifically proven ingredients and botanicals to balance and soothe troubled areas. Three years in the making, In Two Minds was specifically created tackle oilier t-zone or forehead as well dryness round the cheeks offering those with mixed concerns an effective skincare regime. Dr Rebecca Watkinson said, Aesop’s Innovation and Research Manager said:


“Over the past decade we have observed an increasing prevalence of combination skin among our customers, particularly in warmer climates, and they were finding it increasingly difficult to manage this challenging and often reactive skin type.”


“In response we have formulated the In Two Minds range to address the multifaceted nature of combination skin rather than a single aspect, and restore the skin’s delicate balance. Each of the products work together to gently cleanse combination skin, normalise sebum production, soothe irritation and provide lightweight hydration without overburdening the skin.”



Start with a gentle approach by using the gel-based Facial Cleaner containing Salicylic Acid, which offers soft yet thorough cleansing. The Toner further soothes and balances the skin with the help of Niacinamide and Panthenol, while the Facial Hydrator contains an effective blend of botanical ingredients; oils of Andiroba, Copaiba and Acai to deliver nourishment and hydration.


Your journey to flawless complexion starts at Aesop counter in Bloomingdales, The Dubai Mall.


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