Female Empowerment And Fitzgerald’s French Riviera Play Big For Emilia Wickstead SS24

Emma Hodgson   |   19-09-2023

Emilia Wickstead was inspired by the sun-drenched summers of the French Riviera – specifically during the heady artistic days of the 1920s and 1930s in the region. 

Discussing the women who started to explore and create on the Côte d’Azur during those early 20th century decades, Wickstead said: “It felt like the first generation of women who were in charge of their own destiny, I wanted to capture the energy of those artists and channel it into something that felt fresh and exciting.”

Colourways in the collection were clearly influenced by the art produced in the South of France during the epoch, with rich Mediterranean tones appearing in various iterations throughout the capsule.

Meanwhile, there were hints of the flapper era too, through the collection’s eveningwear pieces. The pieces felt straight out of “The Great Gatsby”, which F. Scott Fitzgerald finished while residing on France’s south coast. 

Scroll down to see the key highlights from the collection.