La Double J Offers A Renaissance-Inspired Rebirth For Fall 24 At Milan Fashion Week

Emma Hodgson   |   24-02-2024

An ode to the renewing and transformative power of the Renaissance era, La DoubleJ’s Fall 24 collection is a celebration of Italian craft at its finest, with a mix of rich textures, refined silhouettes and intricate embroideries. 

Pillared by patterns imprinted in ancient symbolism and sacred geometry inspired by this period of Enlightenment, this season’s palette marks a shift for the Milan-based brand toward a subtle and sophisticated colour scheme of dusty rose, deep Bordeaux, and dreamy creams.

In these hyper-feminine hues, each piece is intended to slip seamlessly into one’s wardrobe, offering its global community of women limitless opportunities to play, personalize and elevate the everyday.

From details discovered on the ceiling of the Uffizi to iconic emblems of the Medici family, the patterns that pepper these striking new silhouettes are infused with the majesty and mysticism of the Renaissance. 

The “Gryphos” print, a reimagination of the legendary half-fish, half-horse hybrid said to symbolize power and prestige, reflects the influence of the Grotesque during the period, an invitation to contemplate the ephemeral nature of existence. 

The romantic “Rosette” pattern was inspired by the tiny roses embroidered across a Renaissance woman’s garment to enhance her sensuality. 

And the in-house designed “placée” or hand-placed prints, host intricate symbols of the heavens and the earth – guardian angels, flowers, seashells, constellations – a nod to the revolutionary shift in perspective that elevated the human to the level of cosmic divinity. 

The tactile textures, embellishments, and elaborate flourishes woven throughout pay homage to the ornamentality and plentitude of Renaissance fashion, a celebration of abundance, revelry and self-expression.

“Just as I am constantly rebirthing myself, so too is La DoubleJ,” says the house’s founder, J.J. Martin. “This collection sees us reborn through the lens of Italy’s most historically creative and innovative eras, twisted into new silhouettes in a very modern way.”