Discover Valentino Resort 21 Collection, Photographed by PierPaolo Piccioli

Lindsay Judge   |   09 - 07 - 2020

Valentino has unveiled its Resort 21 collection with a stunning campaign personally shot by Creative Director Pierpaolo Picciolo in his home in Nettuno, Italy.


The men’s and women’s collections are presented together and highlight a personal narrative imagined by the House’s Creative force.


Starring Italian model and close friend of Piccioli Mariacarla Boscono and male model Luca el Bali, the collection gives a non-filtered look into the creativity of these pieces and displays how they can be worn in everyday life.



The collection was created around the idea of simplification. By reducing shapes to an elementary outline, letting materials speak through colour and texture and minimal lines. This minimalism maximises possibilities and allows the clothing and the person wearing it to become one allowing the freedom of interpretation.



The collection is formed of solid and vibrant colours including green red and pink to compose a silhouette that is fluid. Structured pieces are placed against fluid creations to create a sense of movement vs structure.



The Valentino Garavani Accessories work perfectly with the ready-to-wear pieces: flowers, bows, studs in leather or straw multiply on the Atelier Bags as well as on the Atelier Shoes, mixing the historic and the contemporary signs of Valentino with an emphasis on craft.



Hats were developed in collaboration with Italian hat maker Borsalino to complete the looks.