Fall In Love With Louis Vuitton’s New Menswear Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   06-08-2022

Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Pre Spring 2023 collection “Fall in Love” features some of the last design ideas by Virgin Abloh before his tragic death. His ideas were carried out by the creative teams and collaborators with whom he continually worked at Louis Vuitton who are continuing the designer’s legacy with this latest collection.


The collection celebrates the parallels between a disc jockey and a designer through memories of the legendary Loft Parties created by the American disc jockey David Mancuso in 1970s New York. Virgil loved music and saw the two words of fashion and music closely interlinked.



Popularly considered the first-ever DJ, David Mancuso brought together diverse groups of people under the unifying power of music. The listening parties he hosted in his New York apartment, The Loft were legendary and came at an era-defining moment.



This collection much like the parties of that time features a contemporary silhouette inspired by stage wear, with a playful 1970s touch. Snug jackets and trousers feature flared finishes and wide cuts, while rollnecks and jackets become statement pieces.



A two-button notch-lapel black suit mirrors the clubwear ease of a sculpted black tracksuit and logos appear in seventies-style text, promoting the imaginary Louis Vuitton single “Love Potion”. An optical print interprets the monograms of Louis Vuitton in an illusory pattern and while shirts are adorned in music notes nod to the parallels between sound and fashion.



Workwear covered in grease-effect paint motifs pays homage to the idea of the artist and bird prints which feature throughout the collection offer a symbol of freedom.



The collection also features bags in the same spirit: a Taurillon Denim line fuses leather and denim with tan contrast-stitching and comes in a Keepall, a briefcase, a Christopher backpack, a foldable tote, a duo messenger, and a series of small leather goods. A Record Canvas line in monogram takes inspiration from archive Louis Vuitton notebooks and evokes a vintage sensibility.