Moynat Reveals Its Whimsical Holiday Season For 2023

Emma Hodgson   |   07-12-2023

Moynat has revealed an exclusive rendition of Canvas 1920, for the holiday season.

The new collection is a whimsical ode to the allure of journeys and pays tribute to the iconic Canvas 1920. 

The M monogram canvas dons the finery of travel patches reminiscent of bygone-era trunks, conjuring the opulent era of exploration, where each destination cradled the allure of discovery.

The collection extends an invitation to traverse the corridors of time, guided by enchanting hand-written serigraphy that recalls cherished postcards addressed to Moynat’s Parisian flagship store – each piece a singular keepsake of wanderlust.

The holiday collection graces Canvas 1920 in two timeless palettes: Carbon/Silver and Carbon/Bronze. To round out the ensemble, the leather offerings gleam in both gold and silver, adding a touch of glamour to the enchantment of the season.