Zegna launches Triple Stitch Secondskin “Airplane Mode” Footwear Collection

Emma Hodgson   |   11-02-2024

Italian Quiet Luxury maison, Zegna, has revealed its latest footwear collection. 

Called the Triple Stitch Secondskin, the house describes it as “a shoe that fits like a glove” which is part of Zegna’s wider Airplane Mode campaign.  

The new footwear is built for comfortable travel upon a private jet. 

As the house explains in the notes which accompany the collection: “Triple Stitch Secondskin is the new shoe to travel with and every journey taken wearing them is akin to luxury travel. Zegna’s ‘Airplane Mode’ campaign confirms this notion through the calming state of mind achieved by travelling in style in the exclusive environment of private jets,” 

“Just like Secondskin leather, the unparalleled comfort, elegance and luxury offered by this mode of travel allows passengers the ability to relax, reflect and move with the utmost freedom and confidence,” the house continued.