This New Dior Sneaker Comes With Built-In Digital Proof Of Authenticity

Emma Hodgson   |   09-07-2023

From this Thursday 13th July, the new BB3 sneaker will be available instore at all Dior boutiques. The exquisite creation is the final look to be added to Kim Jones Dior Fall 2023 menswear collection. 

The most exciting thing about the new sneaker is perhaps its unique encrypted digital key using NFC technology – placed in the sole of each right foot – that leads to a personal, secure platform offering dedicated services. This means that everyone can access the shoes’ certificate of authenticity, additional information on the different stages of the manufacturing process, as well as preview announcements for future sneaker launches. 

As an extension of this bold concept, a limited and numbered edition also contains a Digital Twin Collectible: 470 original copies fusing mohair with Dior Oblique – to be discovered exclusively on, and are connected to their digital counterparts, taking the form of a three-dimensional creation . A unique connected experience, perpetuating the art of detail and excellence, and the perpetual quest for innovation cherished by the House of Dior.

In terms of aesthetic design, the new sneaker will arrive in three distinct versions: the first is enhanced by the softness of mohair, the second by the essential Dior Oblique toile, and the third is adorned with this iconic design reimagined in denim for the Dior Tears capsule. 

There are distinct Dior house codes on the new sneaker too; the house emblem adorns the sole, while the “30, Avenue Montaigne” signature is revealed on the heel, dressed in delicate shades of grey, the founding-couturier’s signature colour.