Salvatore Ferragamo Has Revealed Its Refracted Heel Collection and We’re Obsessed

Hayley Kadrou   |   22 - 08 - 2019

The Italian shoemaker has come out with a new shoe designer for the approaching season, and we’re head over heels (sorry) for the latest look.



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Ready for Autumn/Winter, Salvatore Ferragamo has dropped a whole new shoe collection – and it’s making us excited for the party season.


For Fall 2019, the 1927-established company has made the Refracted Heel the statement of its design, something Ferragamo claims is the “uniting feature [that] reflects the rich diversity of the world we live in today.”


Paul Andrew – who took over the position as Creative Director for the Italian company in February 2019 after the English shoemaker had previously served as Women’s Footwear Director of the brand  – designed the new range, and each design holds its own flair with the unique heel designs united the collection.


While each design is different, the unique heel design unites the collection

While each design is different, the unique heel design unites the collection


Size-wise, the new heel comes in either 1cm, 5,5cm, 8cm and is made from plastic that’s both lights yet duration for those dancefloor nights, with a metallic shell to catch the light as you walk.  On the design, its creator said: “The Refracted follows the Flower heel, which was itself based on the revolutionary 1939 Column heel designed by Salvatore Ferragamo.


“With this design, I wanted to propose a reflection of the world around us in 2019. The heel is designed to showcase the beauty of irregularity and variousness – a core element of the Patchwork of Characters philosophy that has been guiding our design team for several seasons now – by allowing for the play of light and surface in an apparently random manner.”


Andrew continued: “Every time you look at a Refracted heel it will appear different. This is not its flaw, but its power.”


The Refracted Heel is now available for purchase in all Salvatore Ferragamo boutiques and on


The shoe design is available to buy now

The shoe design is available to buy now



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