Sergio Rossi Releases Shoes From Its Archives in Celebration of its Founder

Lindsay Judge   |   24 - 09 - 2020

Italian shoemaker Sergio Rossi announced a new collection that will pay tribute to its late founder, Sergio Rossi himself.


GRAZIE Sergio is a journey through the history of the brand, highlighting the innovative vision that the founder had and the contemporary approach the brand has had throughout the decades.


Ten of Rossi’s most iconic creations will be available in a limited edition series that will allow today’s customer to have a taste of the past and the beauty that has been with the brand since the beginning.



The ten limited edition pieces include some of the most iconic shoes from the history of the brand including the sr1 and srTwenty.


Every shoe has the original logo from its year and is placed in a one-of-a-kind packaging.

Riccardo Sciutto, CEO of Sergio Rossi said:


“I am proud to introduce GRAZIE Sergio, a project from the heart and lled with emotion, inspired by the creator of the dream we live every day. A tribute I deemed necessary to carry on and celebrate, today more than ever, his vision and creativity.


I have always had a profound respect for Mr. Sergio Rossi, and I felt the responsibility to guide the Brand inspired by his values from my arrival at the Company.



GRAZIE Sergio is more than a collection as it lives above all traditional seasons and comes from the visceral desire to move and be moved. We have revived from the archive 10 of his most beautiful creations and signature styles, made in our magic factory of San Mauro Pascoli, dedicated to all Sergio Rossi lovers.


GRAZIE Sergio is a love letter to our women, a tribute to the Maestro, but also an important statement to restore a great truth: Sergio Rossi has always been and still is the symbol of femininity, quality and timeless Italian style”


The collection was unveiled via the brand’s digital platforms during Milan Fashion Week.