Giorgio Armani Brings Quiet Luxury With Its SS24 Menswear Collection

Emma Hodgson   |   19-06-2023

Giorgio Armani is the master of menswear fashion. Each year, his collections showcase know-how and confidence, and today’s show for the house’s SS24 menswear was no different. 

Soft light fabrics and simple blue, nude and muted colourways made the bulk of the house’s Spring/Summer capsule.


Meanwhile, there was Asian influence across summer jackets which had a shirt-like structure.

Discussing the collection, Armani said the collection represents “ a new storyline composed of familiar elements, but narrated from different angles to weave a new story. Forms are soft and lengthened, intertwining threads either explicit or evoked in prints that imitate knots, weaves with a summery feel and geometry multiplied for rhythm.”

“The body is never overtly exposed but the energy that animates the lightweight volumes is palpable. Intertwining notes of blue, sand and natural tones provide the chromatic completion to this particularly light and fresh collection, which includes shoes and sandals similarly characterised by knots and weaves. It’s a story in which everything comes together,” he continued. 

Explore more of the collection below.