La DoubleJ’s Fabulous High Summer Collection Is An Eclectic Mix of Summer Prints

Emma Hodgson   |   20-08-2023

Freedom fluidity and mystery are at the core of La DoubleJ’s fabulous High Summer collection. 

The capsule is inspired by the brand’s signature prints, the femininity of vintage designs, and the Art Nouveau movement. 

New pieces include a complete “cerimonia” gown capsule, a full beach kit, travel-ready mix-and-match sets, and a new line of summer knit coverups, this season delivers la dolce vita at its highest vibration yet.

La DoubleJ has always been famed for its bold, floral designs and joy-inducing colourful patterns and this season it has gone back to its roots, selecting three of its signature prints to anchor the abundant portfolio of the Double] world. 

Key pieces include the label’s oversized “Big Flower” which arrives splashed across the new, wedding season-ready Lollipop Dress and summer staple Pull-Up Shorts in romantic, dusty pinks, greens and yellows for a “sun-faded fresco feel. 

The minimalist-friendly Mezzaluna Print has been updated in olives and chocolate hues on the best-selling Palazzo Pants and new Biennale Dress.

 Finally, the joyful, juicy Pineapple pattern makes its mark in statement gold and white across the feminine Flipper Skirt and the androgynous Aviator Jumpsuit.