Loro Piana Reveals The House’s Holiday Collection

Emma Hodgson   |   04-11-2023

Winter atmospheres, leisure and festive spirit. Loro Piana’s Holiday Collection opens the season of snowy holidays and explores the quintessence of life in the open air, which is part of the Maison’s DNA, enriched with a refined note: the suits dedicated to New Year’s Eve celebrations. 

For the first time, the suits are presented in a sensual wardrobe of silhouettes with embracing textures. 

The yarns are the iconic ones of the Maison – Cashmere Coarsehair®, Shearling, Cashfur, Baby Cashmere – which, embellished with handcrafted embroideries, create versatile and contemporary garments that allow you to enjoy freedom of movement. For her, the silhouettes are tactile, fluffy and light, hugging the body with softness. 

The Gadiel jogger pants, the Azelie coat and the Yury jacket, finely embroidered with multicoloured printed bouclé yarn, are in shearling, while the Ursel trousers and the Niyen sweater are in Cashfur, a silk and cashmere blend, a masterpiece of softness. 

Feminine, modern and timeless lines also characterize cashmere garments: from the Engadin trousers, embellished with a rich crochet-like motif that adds volume and movement to the leg, to the Engelberg turtleneck, entirely hand-stitched with embossed trims for a 3D fur effect. 

Another protagonist is the Tapestry Bloom turtleneck in cashmere and mohair with a stylised floral pattern, hand-brushed to enhance the natural hairiness of the yarn and give a shaded effect to the printed pattern. 

For him, turtlenecks in Baby Cashmere and sweaters in Cashfur, combined with stretch cotton trousers, reveal a sumptuous mix of materials that are soft to the touch and perfectly calibrated for the coldest months of the year. Loro Piana also explores new stylistic frontiers through innovative fabrics, in a perfect balance between masculine and feminine, versatility and savoir-faire, function and comfort. 

Examples include reversible jackets such as the Mitty sports down jacket in Superlight Nylon for men and women and the Joni women’s jacket in Cashfur and Superlight Nylon.

Ski masks, shearling hats and soft, long-haired sheepskin after-ski boots add a lively touch to the collection. 

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