Loro Piana Unveils The House’s Spring Summer 2025 Textile Collection

Emma Hodgson   |   04-02-2024

Italian Quiet Luxury house, Loro Piana has unveiled its new Spring Summer 2025 Textile Collection at Milano Unica. 

The collection comprises fabrics of rich quality, showcasing the house’s innovative spirit, and exceptional craftsmanship.

It reflects the essence of the maison’s elegance through a skilful interplay of tradition, engineering, and creativity. 

A novelty this season is a family of elastic and reactive Crêpes, created using high-twist yarns obtained through sophisticated production processes. 

Linen Twins

The new Dunes variant is characterized by a pleasantly wavy and rippled surface, they have a particularly fluid drape and a crisp hand that is less prone to wrinkling. Dunes are crafted from the finest wool creating an unexpectedly soft and enveloping texture that evokes the majestic dunes of the desert. 

Journeying from Northern Europe to Italy, following the path traced by the fibre, Loro Piana transforms the purest linen into unique and functional textiles. 


For Spring Summer 2025, Loro Piana presents a line of new linen fabrics including Linen Denim, Linen & Cotton, Linen & Silk, and Linen Twins. 

The sense of freedom is captured through the extreme versatility and elasticity of fabrics, including Linen Twins, pure linen or blends of cotton and wool for contemporary garments, and Lino Effetto Denim, which combines the lightness and transpiration of linen with the casual appeal of denim for sophisticated comfort. 


Sunset, a lightweight cashmere-silk fabric with an extremely soft hand, is presented in a sophisticated selection of mélange colours, ideal for Spring and Autumn blazers and jackets, while the Softtime fabric features a 3D effect, the result of an elaborate interweaving of wool, cotton and silk, resulting in structured and dynamic surfaces, soft and enveloping, with an exceptionally shiny and textured appearance.

With the Spring Summer 2025 Textile Collection, Loro Piana once again demonstrates excellence in savoir-faire with artisanal heritage and cutting-edge innovations in textile production techniques.