Moroccan Designer Selma Benomar Releases New Bridal Collection

Emma Hodgson   |   11-07-2023

Selma Benomar has released her latest bridal collection, called “Stardust Whispers”. The capsule combines contemporary elegance with Moroccan influences. 

“Our “Stardust Whispers” bridal collection is a celebration of the bride who seeks something truly extraordinary,” said Benomar.

“It’s also a celebration of a new generation, one that cherishes our cultural heritage while embracing the allure of modernity. With each gown, we aim to break boundaries, make a statement, and captivate hearts,” she continued.

The exquisite collection emanates elegance with intricate lacework entwined with silver threads, and golden beadwork.  

The colourways in the collection cover a range of alluring golds and silver shades. Inspired by starlight, and metallic shades against the night sky. 

To complement the new collection, the Stardust Whispers collection also has a meticulously crafted range of accessories. Pieces include veils, headpieces and belts which exude a golden glow.