Milan Fashion Week: Bottega Veneta SS18

Diana Bell-Heather   |   23-09-2017

SS18_Look 1_W_HR

SS18_Look 2_W_HR

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SS18_Look 50_W_HR

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SS18_Look 52_W_HR

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SS18_Look 54_W_HR

SS18_Look 55_W_HR

SS18_Look 56_M_HR

SS18_Look 57_W_HR

SS18_Look 58_W_HR

SS18_Look 59_M_HR

SS18_Look 60_M_HR

SS18_Look 61_M_HR

SS18_Look 62_W_HR

SS18_Look 63_M_HR

SS18_Look 64_W_HR

SS18_Look 65_M_HR

SS18_Look 66_W_HR

SS18_Look 67_W_HR

SS18_Look 68_W_HR

SS18_Look 69_W_HR

SS18_Look 70_W_HR

SS18_Look 71_W_HR

SS18_Look 72_W_HR

Bottega Veneta SS18 filled us with simple optimism on a sunny Saturday morning in Milan.


The colours, clean silhouettes and mix of shapes make for a reliable summer uniform – something that is easy yet beautifully made.


Inspired by delicate rose and ocean blue colours of the Marble Room in Kedleston Hall, a grand Palladian-style country house by British architect Robert Adam, the hues felt balanced and feminine. The neutral rain jackets would be ideal for battling April showers while boho fringe dress might make an appearance at Coachella. But don’t be fooled, this Veneta girl has some edge.


Simple pieces were lifted with embellishment like studded jewels, mirror and metal eyelets along with exotic skins used in applique and trim. The seventies fringing of tiny glass beads modeled on Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkwoski and Hailey Baldwin felt fresh and elegant and the one pieces modeled by Sara Sampaio and Kendall Jenner stood out for their geometric print and couture-level detail.


The champion pieces? We see the red short-sleeved coat with gold studding worn by Adwoa Aboah and Wing-Tip City Knot bags selling out as soon as they hit the shop floor – if not beforehand.


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