The Best of Celebrities’ FaceApp Pictures as the Ageing App Takes Over Instagram

Hayley Kadrou   |   22 - 07 - 2019

Our social media feeds have been taken over by older versions of friends, family members and famous faces over the last week thanks to the FaceApp ageing app, and here are some of the best celebrity snaps we’ve seen to date.

the jonas brothers old ageing faceapp

"When you take a trip to the Year 3000." The Jonas brothers, Kevin Joe and Nick. Credit: Twitter

gordon ramsay old ageing app faceapp

"Me hosting #MasterChef Season 50...." Gordon Ramsay. Credit: Twitter

courtney cox old ageing app

"I probably won’t wear my hair like this...." Courtney Cox. Credit: Instagram

drake old ageing faceapp

"Best caption wins ovo tickets" Drake. Credit: Instagram

carrie underwood ageing old app faceapp

"Everybody’s doing it..." Carrie Underwood. Credit: Instagram

mindy kaling old face app ageing

"Equal parts hilarious and terrifying." Mindy Kaling. Credit: Instagram

jared leto old faceapp ageing

Jared Leto. Credit: Instagram

Every now and again, a trend comes along that takes over the entire internet for several weeks. We’ve had the ice bucket challenge, the 10-year challenge and now we have the results of FaceApp consuming our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds.


First launched in 2017, the app works to predict what one might look like years into the future.


And as well as just about everybody we are related to/went to highschool with/worked with years ago trying the trend and uploading the results online, celebrities have been trying out the app, too.


The likes of Friends star Courtney Cox, singer Drake and actor Jared Leto have given it a go.


See some of our favourites above.


The FaceApp has taken the internet by storm

The FaceApp has taken the internet by storm


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