Discover Bvlgari’s Initiative That Sustainably Sources Flowers For Fragrance

Lindsay Judge   |   20-01-2020

The Bvlgari Flower Gems of India initiative is devoted to innovative and sustainable flower farming


Luxury Maison Bvlgari has collaborated with perfume designer Firmenich and its local partner Jasmine Concrete to create a new sustainable flower farming project in India. Flower Gems of India is a project in partnership and will work to ensure sustainable flower farming for the use in fragrance.



To be developed over three years, a pilot project will create a new jasmine farming model for 100 family-owned farms in two regions of the Indian floricultural area of Tamil Nadu.



The initiative offers farmers an alternative approach to jasmine production which is better for the environment and will ensure the growth of the industry for future generations, as well as improving the quality of the flowers.



The quality of the flowers is expected to improve thanks to a clean and short supply chain, richer organic cultivation, contamination-free free farmlands and extra care to the flowers themselves.


The project is also committed to improving the lives and social and economic well being of the families and those working on the farm.



Jean Christophe Babin, Bvlgari CEO explains: “Bvlgari’s quest for the most beautiful and flawless gems of nature led us to Firmenich and its partner Jasmine Concrete, which produces the world’s highest quality jasmine. It became important to us to contribute to support the communities that enable us to create our masterpiece fragrances, and that we establish a sustainable approach to preserve and support the local economy. Like our jewels, our fragrances are crafted from nature’s finest gems and it is our passion to research, source, and wherever possible, support the production of these extraordinary ingredients.”



Bvlgari is working with the local community to ensure a sustainable future for the coming generations as well as sustain the use of traditional crafts. The house has always been eager to support underprivileged communities and promote the notion of sustainable living and sustainable sourcing and creating of all of its products.



Dominique Roques, Vice President, Naturals Partnerships and Communication, Firmenich speaks of the project: “Over the last decade, Firmenich has built the industry’s leading natural sourcing program to develop sustainable economies, preserve biodiversity and support regenerative agriculture. Our NaturalsTogetherTM partners like Jasmine Concrete create real change in their communities by implementing advanced flower cultivation, treating issues such as erosion, nutrient loss, irrigation and composting. We are very proud to be a part of this program.”



The programme began last year and will run initially as a three-year pilot project. The flowers harvested through the model will be used as ingredients within Bvlgari’s fragrance offering.



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