Dubai Opera To Host Mosaic International Dance Festival Of Ballet

Emma Hodgson   |   07-11-2023

Dubai Opera will come alive with grace, artistry, and the beauty of ballet as the Mosaic International Dance Festival takes centre stage on the 8th and 9th of November, marking the grand launch of this annual cultural spectacle. 

This festival will kick off with two mesmerizing shows that provide an astonishing prelude to the upcoming seasons: The “Bloom Dance Project” by Natalia Osipova and the “Legend and Legacy of Nureyev,” accompanied by the Birmingham Royal Ballet Orchestra and the Royal Ballet Sinfonia. 

The festival will open with the captivating “Bloom Dance” project by Natalia Osipova, one of the most celebrated ballerinas of her generation. Osipova’s program features a mesmerizing display of solos and duets, ranging from timeless classics to brilliant new ballets. 

Natalia Osipova, principal ballerina for The Royal Ballet in London shared her excitement saying: “It is of great significance to me and my company, the Bloom Dance Project, to unite artists, directors and choreographers from various drama theatres, each representing a wide array of genres and art forms such as neoclassicism, modernism, and classical ballet. Together, we craft innovative works that seamlessly blend the talents of dancers with a creative team dedicated to inspiring and promoting the diverse art of dance to a broader audience. I am truly thrilled for the opportunity to debut this program in Dubai as part of the Mosaic International Dance Festival.”

On the second day of the opening, the festival pays homage to the legendary dancer and global icon, Rudolf Nureyev. Presented in association with the Rudolf Nureyev Foundation, the “Legend and Legacy of Nureyev” show features a new generation of dancers that offers a captivating glimpse into the magic and artistry of the internationally celebrated dancer. 

Founder of Mosaic, Valerii Copeichin, expressed his vision for the festival: “Dance is an integral aspect of civilized society. Humans began expressing their sensations and perceptions of the world through dance before they learned to convey them through words. If dance were to die, the understanding of life itself would perish.”